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Add subcommittees and brief descriptions for Diversity committees and subcommittees



Assigned to:

  • Daniel Edmonds
  • Wendy Holdren

Cross-Cutting Committee

The DEI Cross Cutting Committee is a congenial conglomeration of individuals across every sector of the HSC that aim to raise awareness, visibility and importance of diversity, equity and inclusion by:

  • i. Promoting a welcoming and inclusive environment for all individuals at the HSC.
  • ii. Providing education and training for faculty, staff, students, departments and schools at the HSC.
  • iii. Increasing communication and awareness of DEI efforts and events across departments, schools, and throughout the HSC.

Welcoming & Inclusion Subcommittee

Mission: Through active effort and practice, to support policies that promote change that fosters a sense of belonging among employees and at WVU Health Sciences.

Vision: WVU Health Sciences is a workplace where faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds can thrive personally and professionally enjoying a healthy work-life balance.

Education & Training Subcommittee

Mission: Identify cross-disciplinary training gaps, coordinate training, and create needed educational sessions that apply to multiple audiences (faculty, staff, students) across institutes, departments, and schools at the HSC.

Communication & Transparency Subcommittee

Mission: To promote open, honest, frequent, and transparent communication to the Health Sciences community to help foster better awareness and understanding of events, efforts, and initiatives around DEI.

Council and Cross Cutting committeequick descriptions

The HSC DEI Council is the leadership group for HSC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. It consists of committee leadership across all HSC schools and programs, as well as internal and external stakeholders who meet quarterly to communicate ongoing efforts, to identify areas of opportunity and potential collaboration.

The Cross-Cutting Committee is comprised of representatives of offices and programs that are not specifically housed within one school at the HSC.

School of Medicine Committee


To provide expertise and guidance to the WVU School of Medicine regarding all matters of diversity,
equity and inclusion.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To continually assess and address the impact of systemic inequality on School of Medicine
    programs and culture. Areas of interest may include (but are not limited to):
    • Recruitment of students, residents, staff and faculty
    • Admissions
    • Retention
    • Campus Culture
    • Education and Training
  • To serve as campus leaders in modeling inclusive behavior and advocating for those who
    may not have an equal voice