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Health Sciences Hub

Jason is working on adding the ability to create pages for resources under the main sections of the Health Sciences Hub website, and the ability to add sub-site pages and sections.

With the addition of these sub-site pages, we agreed that many of the Health Sciences websites targeted toward internal audiences should be moved into the Health Sciences Hub website without disruption to the way users current access these websites.

The following websites can potentially be moved to the Health Sciences Hub:

PDF files

As most of the PDF files in our websites are resources for internal audiences, these files will eventually be migrated to the Health Sciences Hub website. Once these files are migrated, we will be able to review the remaining PDF files in our marketing websites to determine whether each PDF can be turned into actual content in pages in the websites or is considered "printable" marketing material that remains in PDF format exclusively for printing and not reading in a browser.


We agreed with Shawn suggestion to propose to the WVCEOLC group to migrate the content of their website into an HSC Themed website. Doing so would provide them with access to more page types, including profiles.

With this change, the WVCEOLC website would also be moved into the Health Sciences Umbraco.


While the direction of the Health Promotion and Wellness website is still being worked out, we will work through the summer to transition the BeWell website to become a part of the Health Sciences family of websites with a more dynamic and customized front page.

Health Affairs

The Health Affairs group reached out to Tyler to help with social media.

Tara, Wendy, and Shawn may meet with this group to discuss website goals and edits moving forward.