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Weekly Check-in Meeting


Held on

Attended by:

  • Daniel Edmonds
  • Shawn King
  • Tara Scatterday

Virtual Tour

Shawn relayed the concerns from communicators regarding virtual tours missing highlighted areas, highlighted areas being outdated (renovated), and "broken" navigation arrows throughout. We discussed potential options to resolve these issues including attempting to "transfer" ownership of the project from Andy's Google account to a Health Sciences Google account and talking to Mike Esposito to find out whether the University has used other vendors or internal options.

We also discussed producing walk-through videos to highlight areas as an alternative to using Google Maps.

News and Events

We discussed the upcoming updates for the Health Sciences news page, for the news system, and for adding event information directly in Umbraco.

Additional Health Sciences Hub Resources

We let Tara know that we are working on adding the ability to create pages for resources under the main sections of the the Health Sciences Hub website and that we will be adding a variation of the Website Content Guide for an Onboarding Guide to link to from Hub.


  • We will build a general overarching virtual tour for top-level units.