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Weekly Check-in Meeting


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Attended by:

  • Daniel Edmonds
  • Wendy Holdren
  • Shawn King
  • Tara Scatterday


We briefly discussed the vision that Sunshine has for presenting faculty, staff, and students that have specific unique "diversity-focused" interests throughout the School of Dentistry website. Using the "Contributions to the team" item in each bio in the WVU Advance About section as an example, the idea is to potentially display a "bulleted list" of interests and to provide a "safe space" for current and prospective faculty, staff, and students.

HSTA (Health Sciences & Technology Academy)

Wendy is meeting with the HSTA "Alumni / Ambassadors" group on Thursday, June 17, 2021 and will find out then what alumni information the group wants to place on the new HSTA website. The HSTA group has started adding internal-facing information to the website which can be moved to the Health Sciences Hub once a space is created for this information.

Morgantown Campus Virtual Tour

We previewed the updated version of the campus template with the ability to add a virtual tour component, and we decided to move forward with implementing this updated template for the Morgantown, Charleston, and Eastern campus sections.

We briefly discussed the duplicate and outdated content in the Eastern campus section.

Health Promotion and Wellness

The Health Promotion and Wellness website will use the current Health Sciences Diversity section as a starting point with the ability to quickly create dynamic elements for different types of information. We agreed to a soft deadline of June 30, 2021 to have this website in Umbraco.

Tara mentioned that the University may be working on adding much the same information to the Inclusive Campus website.

Internal Websites

We agreed that many of the Health Sciences websites targeted toward internal audiences should be moved into the Health Sciences Hub website without disruption to the way users current access these websites.

The following websites can potentially be moved to the Health Sciences Hub: